Science Blog “Lab Down Under” about Hepatocystis parasites in Australia: link to article

American Museum of Natural History press release, May 2018: Researchers Build Most Comprehensive Tree of Life for Malaria Parasites

The INDEPENDENT, 08.10.2013: “Bat ‘immunity’ over malaria parasites could could be key to human vaccines, says top scientist“ (by Steve Connor) link to article

This Week in PNAS, 08.10.2013: “High diversity of malaria parasites reveals bats’ exceptional immunology“ link to article

F1000 recommendation:

ScienceDaily, Science News, 07.10.2013: “Scientists Find Soaring Variety of Malaria Parasites in Bats” link to article

IRIN (humanitarian news and analysis), 26.11.2013:“Bats dangle anti-malaria clues” link to article

This Week in Parasitism (TWiP 62), 01.11.2013. Podcast, Microbe World ® link to podcast

Leibniz-Journal, Issue 4/2013: “Evolution der Malaria” Issue-pdf

idw, 09.10.2013: „Grosse Vielfalt von Malaria-Parasiten in Fledermäusen“ (by Gesine Steiner) Press release Museum of Natural History Berlin



Max Planck Gesellschaft, 16.10.2013: „Westafrikanische Fledermäuse – kein Paradies für Malaria-Erreger“ Press release Max Planck Society



Folie1Scientists Find Soaring Variety of Malaria Parasites in Bats Press release AMNH


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