Our paper about Hepatocystis and Nycteria parasites in Central Cameroon is online!

Tsague J, EM Bakwo-Fils, JP Atanga, NV Dongue, DW Mbeng, J Schaer, T. Tchuinkam. Hepatocystis and Nycteria (Haemosporida) parasite infections of bats in the Central Region of Cameroon. Parasitology. 2021.


Our mini-review about Hepatocystis parasites is online!

Ejotre I, DM Reeder, K Matuschewski, J Schaer. Hepatocystis. Trends in Parasitology. 2020.


Science Blog “Lab Down Under” released a blog about our work on Hepatocystis parasites in Australia: link to article


Our paper about Hepatocystis parasites in Australian Grey-headed flying foxes is accepted for publication and is online!

Schaer J, W Boardman, A McKeown, DA Westcott, K Matuschewski, M Power. Molecular investigation of Hepatocystis parasites in the Australian flying fox Pteropus poliocephalus across its distribution range. Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 2019. 75, 103978.


Our paper about Hepatocystis parasites of bats in Nigeria got accepted and is online!

Atama N, S Manu, S Ivande, SP Rosskopf, K Matuschewski, J Schaer. Survey of Hepatocystis parasites of fruit bats in the Amurum forest reserve, Nigeria, identifies first host record for Rousettus aegyptiacus. Parasitology. 2019. 146 (12), 1550-1554.


Our paper about Nycteria and Polychromophilus parasites of bats in Gabon got accepted and is online!

Rosskopf SP, J Held, M Gmeiner, B Mordmüller, P Matsiégui, I Eckerle, N Weber, K Matuschewski, J Schaer. Nycteria and Polychromophilus parasite infections of bats in Central Gabon. Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 2019. 68, 30-34


Our paper about the phylogeny of Hepatocystis parasites of Australian Pteropus species got accepted today and is online! 

Phylogeny of Hepatocystis parasites of Australian flying foxes reveals distinct parasite clade. Schaer, J., McMichael, L., Gordon, A.N., Russell, D., Matuschewski, K., Perkins, S. L., Field, H., Power, M.; International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 2018.



AMNH press release: 

Researchers Build Most Comprehensive Tree of Life for Malaria Parasites

Our paper about the polyphyly of Plasmodium is online in Royal Society Open Science! (23.05.2018)

The polyphyly of Plasmodium: comprehensive phylogenetic analyses of the malaria parasites (order Haemosporida) reveal widespread taxonomic conflict
Galen, S. C., Borner, J., Martinsen, E. S., Schaer, J., Austin, C. C., West, C. J., Perkins, S. L.; Royal Society Open Science 2018; 5:171780-171780.

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